NCARB Executives

Executive Leaders

Led by both architects and non-architects over its 100 years, NCARB executives oversee the staff and the implementation of programs and services for Member Boards, architects, and licensure candidates. 

Emery Stanford Hall, FAIA

NCARB Executive 1921-39

William Perkins_Thumb

William L. Perkins

NCARB Executive 1939-57


Joe E. Smay

NCARB Executive 1958-59

James Sadler_thumb

James H. Sadler

NCARB Executive 1959-65

Charles Wood_thumb

Charles A. Wood Jr.

NCARB Executive 1965-67

James Rich_thumb

James Rich

NCARB Executive 1967-68

Hayden Mims_thumb

Hayden P. Mims

NCARB Executive 1968-79

Samuel Balen_thumb

Samuel T. Balen, FAIA

NCARB Executive 1979-97

Lenore Lucey_thumb

Lenore M. Lucey, FAIA

NCARB Executive 1997-2011

Mike Armstrong_thumb

Michael J. Armstrong

NCARB Executive 2011-Present